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If your house was on fire while you are sleeping, and I saw it but pass by because I knew you'd be uptight, and you died, what would you thing? I believe you was very angry and bitter to me! Then you'd better to listen to me, because...

God created the first humans good. But the they made troubles by breaking rules from God do humans by the invitation of Satan. This made human as sinner, what mean that all people will be permanently separated from God, whick would be the most horrible thing to happen.

But the loving God wanted people back to Him. He had just one way to do it: to buy us for Him. The only prize what was able to pay, was His own Son called Jesus. He was born to world like a human being 100 % human and 100 % God. He show the example how to live like God wants people to live. However, his teaching made people angry and then those pharisees decited to kill Him. And it was meaning to happen. This death of the sinnles God human made possible our salvation from Hell.

All the people don't get automatically to Heaven, because all the people are sinful after they were born. To get to Heaven it must be believed that Jesus died for us, done the repent from sins of all people and let Him be The Redeemer. We must avoid all kind of sin, because it separates human from God. We don't become sinless in this time, but when we do the repent and leave our sins to Jesus, we can believe that they are certainly forgiven.

Without Jesus, each of us is on the way to Hell. But we don't need to go there. We can spend the life after death in heaven, if we let the blood of Jesus tp clean us. Why to decline this great love, which has done so much for us. Come to Jesus today, because you never know if it will be the last chance!