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I'm Jussi Heikki Mäenpää (born 8th April 1982 in Kangasala, Finland), the administrator of this site. I live in Helsinki (the capital city of Finland) and I've graduated a matriculation exam (Pälkäne Upper Secondary School 2002) and practical nurse exam (Helsinki social and health care institution, 2006). My military service I completed in Armoured Brigade (PsHK II/02) with armourman's military value. At the moment I do invalid work.

I've a conviction of born again Christian. After my confirmation school campi in 1997 the spiritual things began to interest me and this resulted me in a few years later to born again. My background is in so called lutheran newpietism but nowdays I'm out from all visible churches, because I've in recent years begun to see that the eyes of God there is only one church each community toward, and it is composed of all born-again Christians. Below the link to find testimony speach in TV 7's program Kosketus in the year 2008:

Jussi-Heikki, Herra Käänsi Vastoinkäymiset

My hobbies are hiking, writing and music in various formats. I got my first drums in 1986 and I'm since 1994 been involved in various musical projects from theater bands to praise groups. In the year 2000 I started to compose and write songs, and in 2011 took place a long-term dream when I published my first own record including my own Christian songs.